From the office of Brandon Villano.

The world does NOT need another email marketing agency.

Because after working with dozens of now 6-8 figure DTC ecom brands (and two 9-figure brands)…

And having to fix all the insidious yet CATASTROPHIC problems caused by these agencies’ Klaviyo setups…  

We’ve found that almost every single one of them make the exact same mistakes (more on this below). 

These mistakes become known as: ‘common practices’.

We are not an agency. 

We are an ecom consultancy led by Brandon Villano and comprising a small team of studs with diverse areas of expertise.

From software engineering and data science to neuro linguistic programming and consumer psychology. 

From direct-response advertising and lead generation to best-selling novel writing and ghostwriting. 

The thing is…

The average email marketer/agency knows how to do what all the other average agencies do.  

(spoiler alert: the average ecom brand fails… 80-90% of the time to be exact… <img draggable=).


When it comes to engineering, analyzing, and optimizing a dynamic and evolving system that is meant to maximize the output (customer value) of what was put in (traffic)

Such as your email & SMS marketing system…

And taps into Klaviyo’s powerful capabilities…

Such as their data science engine, dynamic segmentation and automation, rich customer data, advanced reporting, etc. 

And produces results beyond what most think is even possible (see results)…

Most email marketers are…  at the risk of sounding arrogant… clueless.

Nothing against them. 

They may be great at what they know.

But if your only goal is to design a cute email, get somebody to click through it, and hope they make a transaction… you’re looking at a vital and complex problem—making more profit from the traffic you spent money to acquire—from ONE extremely limited angle. 

And if we’re only looking at a problem from one angle, we’ve got blind spots. 

And where I come from, blind spots can kill you.

The end result is typically a Klaviyo setup that is pieced-together, with rando emails and flows running into each other instead of feeding each other, and ultimately BLEEDING long-term profits—without anyone even knowing it!

The exact OPPOSITE of what it should be doing. 

This is the sad reality for most ecom brands. And they wonder why they have to keep paying more for traffic while making less profit.

Because they hire ‘marketing’ agencies that not only don’t know what they are doing, but don’t know WHY they are doing it… AND don’t care to figure it out. 

Here at NxtLvlResults, with our ‘1st Principles’ approach and our unique ability to draw from multiple disciplines to redefine problems outside of normal boundaries…

We have the ability to walk around a problem in a multidimensional way and reach better solutions based on a new understanding of complex situations.

This allows us to reduce noise from the system and consistently iterate and improve your profit performance… with messaging/storytelling that not only ‘resonates’ with your consumers… but emotionally engages their core behavior-driving force.

In other words…

We help ecom brand owners optimize the hell out of their Klaviyo account.

So they can focus their energy and increased profitability to reinvest, expand, and scale their brand.

If this is something you’re interested in.

Hit us up. 


Founder. CLV Consultant. Klaviyo Alchemist.

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